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Ladies and Gentlemen:

We would like to bring for your consideration the opportunity for collaboration in the construction and operation of a Apartment house complex in the town of Bansko.
We will present to you the initial brief information about the project which we would like to draw your attention to. We hope that you will be interested and our ideas will grow into a beneficial business collaboration.


Managing company of the project INTERNET BULGARIA jcs,
Management address: Sofia, 60”Milin kamyk” str
Place of the investment Town Bansko, Bulgaria
Court registration of the company
№ 1889/2000
Phone number +35929631059
Fax number + 35929631069
BULSTAT 130207696
Tax number 1220112244
Type of Busines 1.Telecomm operator with national licence 2.Licence TOUR OPERATOR
Manager Mr.Latchezar Dinev
Staff 15

Owner of Property  TOURINFO LTD
Address : Town Bansko


The investment project is “Designing, constructing and putting into operation of a Apartment House complex with total area of 8000 sq.m, in the Bansko.”
The Apartment house complex is being built on a plot of 3000 sq. m., situated in the Southwest of the town of Bansko at about 300 meters from the Glazne and in a neighbouring plot of the Rahov Hotel, 300 meters away from the new station of the cable car.
The complex has been designed by the Architectural studio “ProArh” EOOD with architects: Arch.Petar Dikov, Arch., Daniel Valkanov and Arch. Inga Dancheva.
It has an architectural design, approved by the chief architect of the town of Bansko and a building license from the Municipality of Bansko.
A construction company :”INTERNATIONAL BUILDING COMPANY” will realize the design and construction of the complex. The construction stage will go on for 8-12 months.
The Apartment House consists of two wings in the typical style of Bansko. In the first wing there are situated  tavern with 120 seats, lobby bar with 20 seats, outside barbecue with 50 seats,    outside playground for children,. The Apartment house will have a high-speed Internet connection pursuant to a contract signed between the Apartment House and Internet Bulgaria AD – a licensed telecommunications provider with a national license. There will be Internet access in each room. This wing consists of 20 flats and 9 Maisonettes.
In the Second wing there are situated a swimming pool, fitness center,  sauna, This wing has 14 flats and 5 Maisonettes. The whole of the nfrastructure allows its being used easily by guests with disabilities.
The complex has a 31 places underground parking.

In case you are buying property in Bansko  and plan  to rent it or offer tourist services , we are giving  following  information:



The market of tourist services in this region is extremely dynamic and a great increase has been observed. The main indicator for that is the increase in the price of land in the area of the town of Bansko with more than 100 % against the same time last year. Another indicator is the comparatively high price of the accommodation, as compared to the same period of the previous year.


The expectations for a successful tourist business are based mainly on three factors:
- The construction of the new main road connecting Greece and Bulgaria through the Makaza Pass, which will make Bansko easily and quickly accessible for international tourists.
- The construction of the Sofia-Thessaloniki highway will end in 2008. Its geographical situation near the capital, just at 140 km. and less than 100 km. from Thessaloniki and Drama.
- The realization of the large-scale project for the construction of winter sports facilities – new cable cars and ski-runs and all the accompanying elements of infrastructure.
- Bansko’s transformation into a cultural center and a place of traditional cultural events.
The expectations in the short term of 1-3 years are that the competition will increase in view of the construction of new accommodation grounds. Nevertheless, the capacity of the vacant plots in the town of Bansko is almost exhausted which means that the rate of increasing the construction of accommodation grounds will slow down in two to three years.
A great increase is expected in the demand for tourist services in the town of Bansko taking into account the main factor – the start of new cable cars with a capacity of 5000 passengers/hour and new ski runs in the area.


The main competitors are divided in three main groups:
First Group: Two-star, three-star, four-star hotels;
Second Group: family hotels;
Third Group: hotels, in construction at the moment.
Your direct competitors will be the hotels of the first group. They are about 15 with overall beds capacity of 1200 beds with an average of 80 beds in each hotel. The main source of information is the officially published information on the Internet and in the Reference Book of the National Chamber of Hotel and Restaurant Owners.
The second group of family hotels includes a beds capacity of about 1000 beds, the target group of those clients are mainly clients with lower requirements with regard to servicing and the package of tourist services which are offered.
The third group are hotels, which are either in construction or in project at the moment, the beds capacity provided by them is expected to be a minimum of 2000 beds.


A competitive advantage of the present project is the fact that we intend to offer to our clients a recently built, modern Apartment house complex, meeting the newest European standards in the field of construction, emphasizing culture and complex servicing. Our company has an exceptional experience in the sphere of servicing clients with various interests and necessities. We have a marketing approach towards different target groups and an information resource for providing complete occupation of the available beds capacity.
The advantages we have for advertisement and promotion on the Internet will help us to establish ourselves on that market.
The price parameters of the offered prices of beds in the categories “***” and “****” are in the range 50 levs-190 BG leva/room for Bulgarian and foreign tourists respectively. In our business plan we rely on the good organization of the Apartment house activity, personnel selection on the basis of high criteria and a perfect supply of information for the whole information process in clients servicing.
Our main competitive advantage will be to provide a large package of additional services – a sports recreational center, tourist services and a connection to the Internet in a separate information center at the hotel.
Organizing special holidays for family tourism by providing the appropriate conditions for tourists with children.
All those elements of the servicing for the tourists have either been underestimated by our competitors so far or do not have the needed capacity and know-how for the realisation of that part of the project.


The Apartment house complex is situated in the town of Bansko and has the unique advantage of operating throughout the whole year – in the December-April period for those who like winter sports and in the -October period for tourism, holidays and recreational programs. The main target group for those periods will be foreign tourists attracted by this destination. In May and November the available beds will be occupied by participants in organized conferences and seminars at the Apartment house. The target group are mainly Bulgarian tourists.
 The management of Internet Bulgaria as a licence touroperator will care for all the reservations of the guests

Some Pictures of the project.

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