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1.Payments terms

* 1000 EURO for reservation fee
* The first installment  representing 30 % (thirty per cent) of the price , payable within a term of 14 (fourteen) days, counted from the date of signing this Contract. The payment of the installment under the preceding sentence shall constitute grounds for the entry of the Contract into force.  
* The second installment , representing 20 % (twenty per cent) of the price, after the completion of the foundations of the building.
* The third installment, constituting 20 % of the price, after the rough completion and the coverage of the building by a roof.
* The fourth installment , constituting 30 % of the price , at the assignment of the ownership over the SITE.


* There is a 2% local Tax.  This is calculated on the value of your property. 2% is paid by the purchaser.
* Notary tax is about 0, 1% on the value of your property.


* Solicitor charges vary in location and work requirement. Costs are typically EURO 250 – EURO 1500


* 0,15 % annual property tax on  the valuation of the property by tax authority in Bansko ( for example one 100 sq.m apartment in Bansko now  is vaulted about 5 000 EURO, as per tax authority). So you will pay 7.5 Euro Annualy.

* 0,25 % annual local tax.  This is usually paid in instalments

Running costs for

* electricity-

up to  75 kWh -  Price:0,1176 BGL/kWh ( VAT is included),

over  75 kWh- Priec:0,2 BGL /kWh (VAT is incl.)

night rate – Price : 0.11 BGL/kWh (VAT is incl.)

* telecommunications services-  1,62 BGL per hour for local call, for international calls
 you have more alternatives.
* TV- free, cable TV- about 15 BGL/month
* Internet is Arund 20 Leva per Month
* Insurance - from 0,1% till 0,32 % (incl. earthquake and all common accidents)

An average sized apartment  could expect to use per annum:

Electricity and Water                EURO 750 approximately
Gas (bottled) cooking/hot              EURO 100.00

( 1Euro= 1,95583 BGL)


* These may vary according to the size and value of the property you purchase.

Annual tax for maintenance services  is 7 EURO/sq.m per year.

The maintenance of the building shall consist of the following:

* Implementation of all year round security.
* Maintenance of the common parts of the building with elimination of small damages at the value of no more than 100 Euro;
*  Payment of expenses for electric power supply and water supply of the common premises
*  Maintenance of the gardens and the fencing of the plot
*  Appointment at the expense of the EMPLOYER of auxiliary servicing personnel for the maintenance of the building and mainly of all of its common parts. 

All the above amounts can only be used as a guideline as actual costs will vary depending on property size and usage.

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